Selected video clips from talks and music performances at the conference:

Troy Herion: The Visual Music of Pink Floyd (talk and live music)

“Don’t Leave Me Now” for saxophone and piano (Gilad Cohen and Brian Adamczyk)

Dave Molk: Space and Repetition in David Gilmour’s Guitar Solos (talk and live music)

“A Medley Full of Hits” for piano and string quartet (Gilad Cohen and PUBLIQuartet)

“Two Separate Glances” for two vocalists and guitar (Megan Conlon, Yani Fecu, Ryan Sarno)

Ryan Sarno: “They Fluttered Behind You: The Past as Material Object in Pink Floyd” (talk and live music)

“NTRSTLR OVRDRV” for string quartet and electronics (Quinn Collins)

Gilad Cohen: “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and the Stage Theory of Grief (talk and live music)

“Pigs on the Wing parts I and II” (Wally Gunn and Gilad Cohen, from conference opening and closing)

Thursday night welcome and opening of “If We All Pull Together: Pink Floyd Jam.” (Thanks Small World Coffee!)

“Wish You Were Here” jam from Thursday night

“Interstellar Overdrive” jam from Thursday night

“Great Gig in the Sky” jam from Thursday night