Pigs Fly Over Princeton: Pink Floyd Goes to College (Julie Skaggs, A Fleeting Glimpse)

“the experience in total was planned and executed with such obvious passion and enthusiasm … all parts contributed to the overall success of the conference’s goal: to provide both intellectual and emotional stimulation and further appreciation of the work of a band wholly unique both in musical and popular culture history, an artistic entity with a singular vision which created an impression that continues to resonate with fans and fellow artists in the present day … because really, how many chances does one get to talk about Pink Floyd all day to actual people? In my opinion, not nearly enough of them, and that’s why I loved this event. As always with our shared passions, enthusiasm carries the day and establishes the connections we crave.”  Complete review

4-Day Review at (Ed Lopez-Reyes)

“a fascinating, and unique event … The premiere of James Guthrie’s 5.1 surround sound mix of “Amused to Death” can be fully described as follows: un-fu****g-believable … The day-long effort kicked off with an incredible rendition of “Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)” … Guthrie is an extraordinary speaker … Guthrie really gave a powerful and evocative speech that was informed by but transcended all of that.”  Complete review

Building the 5.1 Wall (Mike Mettler, TechnologyTell)

“Take it from a true Pink Floyd aficionado: The Interdiscplinary Conference was a rousing success — nothing but high fidelity, first class the whole way.”  Complete review


Pink Floyd Princeton University Conference Launch event (Ed Lopez-Reyes,


“Pigs were flying around Princeton University and in the Garden State Thursday night … a successful endeavor that gave those in attendance a greater sense of intimacy and integration … The enthusiasm was palpable: as fans left the Small World Coffee shop you got the sense they have been thirsting for something like this for quite a long time.” Complete review

Pink Floyd Conference a First for Fans Everywhere (US1 Newspaper, Susan Van Dongen)
Complete review

Interview on radio show Floydian Slip (Craig Bailey)
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The Liberal Arts of Pink Floyd: A Preview (Julie Skaggs, A Fleeting Glimpse)
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